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What Do You Need To Know About Teeth Avulsion

A tooth avulsion occurs when a permanent tooth is damaged. An injury or accident could lead to a tooth to fall out. For your tooth to be preserved, you need to get treatment immediately. First, you can either preserve your tooth in liquid or put it back yourself. After that, you need to see a dentist for further care.

The supporting tissues, blood vessels, and nerves are all damaged when a tooth is knocked out. Unfortunately, there is no solution to repair the blood vessels or nerves due to this injury. Therefore, a root canal must be performed on each avulsed tooth. Once the tooth is repositioned, the bone can link to the root again! Scottsdale has dentists with expertise in teeth avulsion; therefore, If you have a broken tooth and want to repair it, consult with a dentist in Scottsdale, AZ.

What Is Teeth Convulsion and How Can It Repair Your Broken Teeth?

When a tooth comes completely out of its socket, it is called an avulsed tooth. Avulsed teeth are dental emergencies that need to be addressed immediately. Try inserting your tooth back in as soon as possible to save it. The best results come from teeth treated in 30 to 60 minutes.

Store your tooth in saline solution or milk until you can visit a doctor if you are unable to do so immediately. Reimplantation is a technique often used by your dentist to try to reattach the extracted tooth. One of the most severe dental injuries is an avulsion, and whether or not a permanent tooth is affected depends upon what happened at the scene of the accident.

Why Do Teeth Avulsions Happen?

It requires a lot of force to knock out a tooth from your mouth. Avulsed teeth usually result from:

  • Collapses.
  • Bicycle accidents.
  • Injuries sustained in sports.
  • Traffic accidents.
  • Assaults.

A sports injury could end in tooth loss. The following sports-related injuries may result in tooth avulsions:

  • Hockey. 
  • Football.
  • Lacrosse.
  • Martial arts.
  • Skating 
  • Rugby.

What Signs Indicate An Avulsed Tooth?

A tooth that has been totally knocked out of the mouth is known as an avulsed tooth. No part of your tooth is left in your mouth when it is avulsed. Avulsed teeth might have some of these symptoms:

  • A space in your mouth where a tooth once was.
  • Mouth pain.

Bleeding may occur when teeth are gone. If so, bite down on the socket while wiping it with a fresh handkerchief or little washcloth. Aspirin may worsen bleeding; stay away from it. Ask your healthcare professional which type of medication would be best for you if you are in pain. If you have had a head injury, please see your doctor, particularly when you feel queasy or dizzy. They can rule out more injuries.

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