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Top Trends for Your Interior Design

The best interior designers Houston TX has to offer are starting to give their newest tips, and they are not what you may think. Let’s take a look at some of the best trends that are making the rounds around Houston.

Pigmented Pantries

There will be much more color involved in kitchen decor in the upcoming year. Everything from appliances to to cabinetry are seeing color tones that are influenced by English and French kitchens. Layers are now the norm – solid colors are leaving the building. People are beginning to treat their kitchens just like their dining and living rooms, and if you want your kitchen to keep up, you have to add a bit of aesthetic to combine with the function.

Nature Abstractions

Interior designers are taking a great deal of inspiration from the endless bounty of Mother Nature. The new term is called “bio-mimicry,” and it is especially prevalent in urban areas that are not surrounded by nature. The trend is exemplified by patterns that seem random, uneven, natural flow patterns and an overall organic feel. These patterns feel far more honest and less rigid, adding movement to a room that it might otherwise miss.

Softer Pastels

Following up on the nature theme, pastels will become much softer in the coming year. These pastels will not be pure, but somewhat muddled – as they are in nature. For instance, the strong mint greens that used to populate bedrooms a few years ago are now being toned down through a mix with mustard tone sages and jades.

More Curves

Curves add more space to a room and allow for much more layering and sensuality in interior design. There are many companies that specialize in curved furnishings, including desks and chairs with incredible curves in the legs (don’t worry – they still stand up straight)! Curves help to create a cozy space that is inviting to guests, so it is great to use this tactic in your high foot traffic areas.


Natural tarnishes will replace hard metals that do not show their age. Character is all the rage, such as the pale composite that is in white bronze. Materials that naturally patinate will see increased use as stainless steel is used less and less. This look adds a bit of nostalgia to newer rooms.

The interior designers Houston TX trust are following the tips above. Look for more natural and wavy flows to be all the rage for the next few years. The great part about these trends is that they will look great a few years from now – you will not have to change your look when the next trend makes its way through.

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