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Top 5 Tips for Starting a Business Website

Organic Google searches are responsible for 43% of e-commerce traffic. Knowing the best practices for starting a business website will prepare you for a successful web launch.

Businesses that blog get 55% more traffic than companies that don’t blog. However, even business blogging requires a good degree of strategy.

Your business is valuable. Therefore, it deserves a high-quality website that reflects its value.

Here are five tips for starting your own business website:

  1. Be Mindful of SEO

Always take SEO into consideration when planning and designing a small business website. This includes everything from copy to page speed and more.

Use relevant keywords in your page and blogging copy. That way, crawlers will find, index, and rank it as quickly as possible. Mix high search volume keywords with lower search volume keywords for a well-integrated keyword strategy.

Users are known to leave websites that don’t load fast enough. It also hurts your SEO rankings, so do whatever you can to decrease loading times.

This next tip also affects your SEO rankings:

  1. Prioritize a User Responsive Design

One of the most important web design tips is to prioritize user responsiveness over everything else. Never compromise user responsiveness for better design elements—it’s entirely possible to have a user-friendly website that’s also attractive.

The best websites have easy navigation. Users should be able to intuitively navigate your website without getting lost or confused. Including a clear main menu and structuring your website with internal links will help users find their way around as needed.

A simple, user-responsive design provides a much better user experience than a cluttered, disorganized website. Here’s another kind of responsiveness to consider:

  1. Make it Mobile Responsive

When you’re launching a website, always check what it looks like on different mobile devices. This will tell you how your mobile audience views your website. If it’s not formatted neatly on mobile devices, you have a problem.

Once again, keep the design simple. Minimalist designs are more likely to load properly across different mobile devices than complicated ones.

  1. Include Visual Content

Compelling visual content increases traffic and shares on social media. (Social media posts with visual content get shared more often than posts without it.) Users prefer written content that’s paired with visual content.

The best images to use are high-resolution images, but always include photo credits whenever necessary. If you’re worried about images increasing your loading time, enable lazy loading. That way, the images won’t load until a user directly scrolls over them.

  1. Maintenance

Knowing how to start a business website means planning routine maintenance. This will keep your website updated according to the changes and trends that occur in the internet and tech worlds.

Getting professional website support means getting the latest security updates, which is why you need website support now more than ever. Learn more about the amazing benefits of website support through the aforementioned link.

Achieve Your Goal of Starting a Business Website

In 2019 alone, there were 3.5 billion active users on social media worldwide. That’s why including social media buttons for easy sharing is important when you’re starting a business website.

Always include a strong Call To Action (CTA) with every blog post. It’ll increase your conversion rates and sales.

Get educated—read more of our tech articles. It’ll boost your tech knowledge beyond belief.

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