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Top 5 things Needed with big Machinery

When operating big machinery, the care that you give it determines the quality of performance, probability of breakdowns and the quality of output. It is important that you put everything in place so that it serves you optimally. Here are five major things that big machinery should have.

Updated Performance and Maintenance Records

It is important that you keep a track record of the performance of your machine. This lets you know when it is time to order major overhauls or replace it. Otherwise, you may end up spending too much when maintaining a piece of equipment that has no net returns. On the other hand, maintenance records help you to know what was checked, its status and the next scheduled maintenance. Regular maintenance reduces the chances of unexpected breakdowns. The records also help in estimating the salvage or resale value of the equipment.

Protect Equipment when in Store

Always store your large machinery under cover wherever possible. If the equipment has motors and turbines, they should be moved regularly if the machine is not being used. Always inspect any idle machine for rust, contamination and condensation. Check if the room you have stored the machinery has leaking roofs and windows. If the machine is made of ferrous components, check the room’s humidity to prevent outdoor rust, explore more.

Plan for Depreciation

The machine will need replacement after sometime. Plan for the depreciation of the machinery by setting aside a certain amount each year. Calculate the estimated life of the machine and the amount you should save up for replacement. It is also good to save a large amount so that you can buy equipment that is highly advanced. Remember that, by the time your equipment will need replacement, modern technologies will be in the market, and could help improve your outputs.

Keep the Machine Well-lubricated

Lubrication is one of the easiest maintenance practices on machinery. However, it is one of the most important maintenance practices on any moving equipment. Ensure that you use the lubricating oil with the right viscosity so that it works well on your equipment. If you are operating a hydraulic lift and similar systems, you should consider installing a magnetic filter to catch the small metal fragments that have could be caught up in the fluid. Magnetic filters ensure that your equipment is working optimally and reduces the cost of repairs.

Ensure that is Handled by Skilled Staff

The skill of the machine operators goes a long way in ensuring that the machinery is working right and guarantees good quality output. It is important that you check the skill level of your operators from time to time and help them enhance their knowledge by regular training. When the machinery is handled properly, there is little chance that it will be damaged in the course of the work. This reduces the downtime at your plant. It is always good to have a pool of qualified personnel so that there is someone to run the machinery when the main operators are on leave or sick.

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