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Top 3 Highest Paying Truck Loads

Your freighting loads are what make up your career, so it’s only natural that you want to haul loads that will bring in the most money. While local loads for trucks carry all manner of materials, it’s clear that some pay better than others. Here are the top three types of freight with ample opportunities and massive payout.


These massive trucks carry liquids like water and gasoline, which can be difficult cargo to work with. However, the payout for these freights is among the highest, bringing in about $70,000 per year for a single driver. Tanker hauling requires CDL certification, so be sure that you have all the training and qualifications necessary for this critical job.

Oversized Loads

Hauling oversized loads means you’ll be handling massive equipment like heavy machinery, vehicles and more; this position also requires special training, but wide and oversized loads also pay well for the investment of your education — anywhere between $50,000 and $90,000 per year to be specific. For anyone willing to spend a little extra time on the road, hauling oversized loads may even bring you into the six-figure income bracket.


It’s no secret that hauling hazardous materials can be dangerous and intimidating. For this very serious freight, you’ll need an endorsed CDL and plenty of specialized training — once you’re properly qualified for it, however, the jobs available to you are very much worth the work. Hazmat driving typically brings in at least $50,000 per year to start, and drivers are guaranteed $1,000 per week minimum after a year of hazmat hauling.

High-paying freight loads aren’t always easy to get ahold of, but these lucrative jobs are always worth the extra education and effort. If you’ve been hoping to gain access to local truck loads with a higher payout, consider searching for some of these hauls on your load board.


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