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Tips for New Gun Owners

Thousands of people in the U.S. own a gun, and a lot of them own more than one. If you’re just jumping into the fun of owning firearms, then you’ve probably realized there’s a lot to learn to handle them safely and effectively. After you pass your licensing course and buy your first gun, you might be overjoyed to head to the shooting range or your favorite hunting spot to try it out. The most important thing, though, is to remember these three tips for first time gun owners.

Basic Safety

Although you’ve probably heard more about gun safety at this point in your journey than you ever thought you would, it is the most important part of owning a firearm. Make sure you internalize the three basic gun safety rules:

  • always have the gun pointed in a safe direction
  • don’t touch the trigger unless you’re ready to shoot
  • keep guns unloaded until you’re going to shoot

Learn Your Gun

Every gun is different and knowing how it works is the first step in being a safe gun owner. The best place to look for information about the safety function, types of ammo, or how to clean it is in the owner’s manual. Be sure your gun is not loaded while you’re learning about its properties. You can practice releasing the clip or checking the chamber without bullets in it so you can get a feel for how these motions work and what you’re looking for.

Find Training

As fun as it might be to head to the shooting range and “figure it out” on your own, paying for professional training never hurt. This is how you’ll learn the ins and outs of shooting and gun ownership, plus have an instructor to help you improve your shot.

Gun ownership can be fun, but also requires safety measures and significant know how.

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