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Three Ways to Deck Out Your Boat

When you go out on the water for a day of fun, a lot of time is spent waving and checking out other boats. Secluded coves and the waterfront dining spots become meeting places for others who enjoy the water as much as you do. If you want to sail into your spot looking fresh and shiny, then follow these steps.

Detailed Hull

Power wash your boat often. Salt from the water can rust stainless steel and eventually corrode the hull. Power washing the hull also gets rid of organic matter that accumulates around the waterline and increases the speed and efficiency of your ride. If your engines are looking old and banged up, then give them a fresh coat of paint. Marine paint supplies are sold at most boat shops and are fairly easy to apply. A fresh coat of paint will make your engines look five years younger. Many engine decals can be found online, to finish off the paint job and make it look professional.


There are countless boating accessories to choose from depending on your boat and budget. Focus on ones that look good and have some useful function. A keel band goes on the front stem of the boat. Keel bands come in different materials and add a nice detail to the hull. They will also protect your boat if you are docking it by the beach instead of tying it off to a pier. Another accessory that pulls double duty is a power-free cool box. Some of these come with a cushion on top for extra seating.

Propeller Upgrade

The propeller on a boat is like the tail lights on a car. They serve an essential function, but also contribute to the overall style. A propeller upgrade will instantly change the way your boat runs and also show that you are a serious boater. Ditch the aluminum propeller and upgrade to steel for a fast, sexy look. Spend some time finding the right one to match your boat engine and work for the types of activities you do.

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