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There are Plumbing Solutions that are Highly Sophisticated

With the advent of time, plumbing has become quite sophisticated and present plumbing techniques make best use of technology so that highly satisfactory jobs can be performed with minimum effort. Earlier, while there was not much help, simple operations  used to be quite cumbersome and time consuming. Introduction of state-of- the-art machines and equipments have ensured that a plumber Sydney will be able to take the service into a new level and many types of time-saving satisfactory solutions.

  • Clogged, collapsed and damaged pipe can now be easily fixed – Clogged and damaged pipes can always pose huge challenges for any property. Detecting and fixing them manually can be quite tiresome. However, locating instruments and equipments are now available that can work at pressures as high as 5000 psi so that any plumbing blockage can be removed. Therefore, a drainage system, blocked toilet or a pipe can easily get cleaned.
  • Concept of Hydrojet Clearing Machines that work at 5000 psi can ensure that any build-up of grease, oil or tree roots can be effectively eliminated. These high pressure machines are able to clean pipes that are in the range of 32 mm to 225 mm and they can reach upto 65 meter in length. Therefore, they can ensure that hard-to-reach areas are penetrated and cleaned by them in the best possible way.

There are some aspects in plumbing related to blocked drains and these must be understood for getting a clearer picture of the whole process.

  • Belly – A part of the pipework where it gets damaged in a particular place is known as a belly. This happens due to tree roots piercing it or the pipe not getting ample support to withstand itself.
  • Dislocated Joints – A clogged drain may also happen due to a dislocated joint and this type of damage is more pronounced in old vitrified clay pipes. As the name suggests, this type of damage happens due to the pipe getting dislodged from its suggested position as a result of which tree roots penetrate within it from the dislodged portion. This may also lead to serious blockages.

Therefore, we can understand from these facts that tree roots can be a major source of underground blocked drain. Once tree roots make its way inside a pipe, they can continue to grow finally leading to a point where they will clog the whole system. Therefore, high pressure plumbing machines can be pressed into service to get rid of these stubborn roots and open the pipework.

The initial blockage reason is also found out with a series of steps that are mentioned below.

  • A high pressure drain cleaner is used to clear the blockage.
  • A CCTV camera is used to see through the cleared pipework after removal of the blockage. This is done to find out the reason of the blockage so that preventive steps can be taken and similar blockage can be prevented in future.
  • This can be helpful for the customer as well. Plumbing services generally share the received report so that more awareness can be created.

This complete process in which 5000 psi is used for clearing blockage is known as Hydrojet Clearing.

Apart from this, there is ‘Camera Inspection with Sond Location’ technique that can help in finding the source of an underground problem  with the help of a sond fitted with cameras at the end so that steps can be taken for rectification.

These are some types of technological breakthroughs that have happened in plumbing and over a period of time, these solutions are only going to get better.

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