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The Remarkable Charity Works of Peter Loftin

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The early life of Peter Loftin was not easy. He had come from a very simple and humble background and knew the hardships his parents had to face to raise him. He became very successful in the later years but he did not forget his past. He wanted to give the poor at least those things which can fulfill one’s daily needs. This thought led to a number of charities that he did when he became a successful businessman. Peter Loftin was born and raised in North Carolina where his mother was a teacher. This son of a Korean War veteran was always very ambitious and his dreams were not simple. He wanted to become an entrepreneur and he started working on it just after his first semester in the university. At that time he was just in his teens.

His First Step towards Charity:

As an entrepreneur, Peter Loftin saw huge success in his telecommunication establishment. His company Business telecom Inc. or BTI became a leading organization. After the success of his telecom company, he started charity works on a very large scale and at that time he was just 20 years old. His first charity establishment was “Coats for Kids Foundation”. The main work of this organization in the USA was to find the grim situation in which children were living and providing them with coats in winters. He also connected himself with various charitable partnerships creating a number of charity techniques with the help of student organizations, service providers and business houses.

The Oak Ranch:

Another endeavor of Peter Loftin related to children welfare is the establishment of the Oak Ranch. The vast area of this institution which belongs to the children of age group from seven to seventeen years is spread over 755 acre. Actually it is to help the children that suffer with disturbed past or other mental ailments. These children might have faced many physical and mental problems from utter negligence to psychological issues, physical abuse, which has damaged both their physical and mental health. The therapies here include equine therapy which means they have to work in the company of horses and learn raising them.

Providing Support to SOF:

SOF or Special Operations Funds is one of the largest charitable organizations established by Peter Loftin. It is a fundraising organization run be a number of businessmen under the supervision and guidance of Ambassador David C. Miller, Jr. This organization mainly helps the children of the soldiers killed in war and who are known as Tier 1 Classified soldiers. This organization not only funds the school fee of their children but also pay if they want to go for graduation or study further.

The charity works of Peter Loftin are countless and do not stop here. His other works for children include the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Scoliosis Research Society, and American Red Cross, etc. For his charitable works and his business establishments, he has received many prestigious awards such as North Carolina Entrepreneur of the year, Duke Honoree Speaker, Miami Heat Family Foundation, American Red Cross Board of Governors, BTI Centre for the Performing Arts Patron, and National Historic Trust.  

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