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The Enchanting Beauty of Binongko Island in Wakatobi

Still alive and thriving. Both land and sea have a very famous charm of beauty. The atmosphere here is also still quite conducive because the location is quite remote and far from the crowds in the center of Wakatobi. So that the air is still far from pollution and pollution that can damage the environment.

The Attractions of Binongko Island

Your arrival on Binongko Island will be greeted with beautiful views. The island is surrounded by towering cliffs and beautiful beaches with white sand. This view is made even more perfect by the presence of people’s houses that still look traditional and reflect the characteristics of the local area. The homes are located around the edge of the cliff.

Here there are also diving spots that are no less interesting. For those of you who like diving, this place can be a fantastic experience thanks to its underwater beauty that holds an exciting charm. Because it is still rarely visited, the sea here still looks clean and beautiful.

In addition to marine tourism, the mainland area on Binongko Island is also a unique attraction for tourists who visit. One of the places you can see is Koncu Patua Hill, also known as Ship Hill. This hill is one of the historical sites for the local community. This hill is known to be the place where the first inhabitants of the island settled.

Address & Route to Binongko Island Location

This island is included in the province of Southeast Sulawesi. To arrive at Binongko, you can depart from Kendariis, still in the same area. From here, there are two routes that you can take. The first route from Kendari through Bau-bau was the second route through Wangi Wangi (Wanci).

After you arrive at one of the two places, you can continue your journey by boat to reach Binongko Island. However, if you want to while exploring this area, when you arrive at Wangi Wangi, you can stop for a moment at Tomia and Kaledupa. From Tomia, the trip to Binongko is only about 30 minutes. Even if it is longer, it only takes 45 minutes.

If you go through Tomia, you don’t have to worry about getting to Binongko because there are always ships that pass every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. However, outside of these days, you can charter a boat independently. You can find vessels operating on the Len route if you’re lucky, namely Binongko to Wangi Wangi or Binongko to Bau-bau passing through Tomia. However, if you choose to go directly to Binongko from Bau-bau, you can take 11 or 12 hours by boat.

Meanwhile, if you choose the Bau-bau to Wangi Wangi route, you can use a ship or airplane. When you are in Bau-bau, you can continue your journey to Batu Harbor. At the port, some ships can take you to the island.

Travel Costs to Binongko Island

The cost that you prepare if you want to experience a tour on Binongko Island is IDR 3,000,000. This fee includes many of your needs, including sea and land transportation, tickets for all tourist attractions, nine meals, homestay for three nights (2 people in 1 room: fan in Tomia, no fan and AC in Binongko), mineral water, tour guide, insurance, and snorkeling equipment.

In addition to these things, you have to re-spend several costs according to the things you want to do and the difference in the distance from where you live. Some of the additional expenses needed are the cost of the plane from and from the place of residence to Wakatobi, precisely at Wangi Wangi, tips for drivers and guides, documentation, and other personal expenses such as souvenirs.

Exciting Activities to Do on Binongko Island

  1. Exploring the Forbidden Forest

Binongko Island does offer a variety of exciting activities that you can try to do. For those of you who like challenging activities, you can explore the vast mangrove forest. The local community considers the mangrove forest as a sacred place. The best time to enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere here is in the afternoon.

  1. Diving

Sulawesi is known to have the best spots for diving. This is because the underwater scenery is so unique that you can also capture the moment while diving using an underwater camera.

  1. Culinary Tour

While doing tourist activities, you can also enjoy culinary offerings here. Because the tourist attractions are close to the sea, there is various seafood that you can taste. There is also an exceptional food that is the staple food of the local community, namely Kasuami. To give freshness, you can try seaweed juice.

Facilities Available on Binongko Island

  1. Lodging

On Binongko Island, there are various inns scattered all over the island. You can choose according to the budget you have and the location of the attractions you will visit. Each inn also offers various facilities, so you can also consider that.

  1. Restaurant

On this island, various restaurants serve a variety of local specialties. While traveling, you can enjoy a menu that you may not find anywhere else. You can choose whether to taste traditional snacks or main dishes to be an option when you feel hungry.

  1. Speed Boat

When you travel to this beautiful island, you can enjoy facilities in the form of a fast boat. By using this boat, you can explore all the tourist attractions you want to visit, not only in Binongko but also on three other big islands.

Those are some things you need to know about Binongko Island. So when you plan to travel there, you already have a view of where you are going and will do any activity. Before you plan a trip to Wakatobi, be sure to read more about Wakatobi and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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