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Roof Restoration Company Providing Roofing Sunshine Coast

Roof restoration is something that’s unfortunately necessary, because over time your roof is going to deteriorate. Other times in the Sunshine Coast area, you may end up having roof damages that need to be fixed as well, and that’s when you will also have to probably hire a top rated roofing company that can fix things in a jiffy. Most importantly though, you want to make sure your roofer does quality work as well, and that’s why in this guide we’ll tell you how to hire the best Sunshine Coat roofers available.

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How Long Roofs Should Last

If your roof doesn’t last 10 years without any issues or deterioration, this could be because of many factors, design flaws, construction flaws, or even just faulty material. Most roofs and shingles (even the most basic shingles) should last anywhere from ten to twenty years. Make sure that no matter your roof type you have regular inspections and keep things like weather and your surrounding elements (trees, leaves, rain, etc.) and you should be able to stay on top of things.

What Should a Good Roofer Offer?

First off, your roofing company’s contractors should all be fully liability insured and qualified. Don’t hesitate to ask for proof of contractor’s certification and insurance. At the same time, the best licensed contractors usually offer a guarantee that your project is done quickly, but efficiently.

They may also have a cleanup policy, and while some will only clean up a little bit of their mess or their waste, the best roofers offer a 100% cleanup policy that will not only get rid of their mess, but they’ll also take your old roof with them and dispose of it. They may offer more services than just roofing, like gutter cleaning and installation, as well as mold inspection as well. Be sure that you ask for all of the services they offer.

What About References?

It never hurts to go online and look at reviews of a company, but you want to look at both the positive and negative reviews of a company. While you may be tempted to look at the best helpful ones, you’ll more than likely get the best results by checking the most recent reviews. At the same time, be sure you ask your roofer for references and never just accept what they put on their “resume” as they’ll usually give you those who will ONLY give you the best reviews of their work. Be sure you get one or two of their most recent clients’ contact information as well.


When hiring a roofer, you need to know that safety and quality are their two most important factors. You also do want to ensure that the materials are of high quality and not just the cheapest available. While they should be understandable of your budget, you want the best quality for the price, and a roofer should also be able to provide you free consultation and then be able to give you a quote. You can also be sure to look at their portfolio and see examples of their work. Make sure you get hire the best roofing contractor in Sunshine Coast, and keep your eyes peeled.

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