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How would you define doula as a birth companion during child birth?

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The expecting mother definitely requires a person who would act like a companion to her. The person who acts like a birth coach or a post birth supporter is not a medical person. But the doulas are the ones who help the mothers during and after the child birth. They are the perfect companion during this crucial period.

Role of a doula

If you would want to define doula, they are the support as both physical and emotional help to the mothers during child birth. They behave like the mother’s partner and a member of the family. They are not medical professionals and so they are not capable of administering medication. The doulas are trained and certified after a year’s course. They have to go through practical training in order to get the certificate.

Need of doula

  • The support of the doula is very essential for mothers as they can get away with the negative feelings during the period of child birth.
  • They are so useful that they will provide support with respect to assisting the mothers in household work.
  • They have the experience to cook and also help the mothers to breast fed their child.
  • There are organisations of doulas who offer certification programs. Hence the mothers would not hesitate to hire them for assistance during this period of child birth.
  • The relationship between the doula and the client develops few months before the child birth. You can define doula when a mother feels free to ask different questions. The mother also can express their fears and the concerns that help them to deliver a healthy child.

The doulas also make themselves available on phone. This is because they can attend to their queries and respond to them that might arise during the course of pregnancy. They have the knowledge in many medical aspects but do not provide any type of medical care.

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