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How to Protect Your Business Against Trailer Theft

Trailers are some of the most valuable assets companies own today. These fixtures are used by several companies for shipping inventory and storing equipment.

Trailers also account for 6% of vehicles stolen today.

Understanding how to prevent trailer theft will allow you to keep your inventory and assets safe. We’ve got the theft prevention tips that you need.

Here are some points you should know about trailer theft prevention for your business.

Hire Onsite Security to Look After Your Trailers

A lack of security will seriously put your trailers at risk. When thieves know that they have all the time in the world, they’re more likely to make an attempt on your property.

The presence of uniformed security guards is typically enough to keep people away.

These pros are valuable whether you need armed force or someone to report to the police. Onsite security professionals can help you out whether you need to keep people safe or prevent trailer or vehicle theft.

Hiring security will cost you between $18 and $25 per hour, on average. Do business with only trained pros, and make sure to stagger multiple shifts.

Install an Alarm and Surveillance System

The best way to prevent trailer theft is by having eyes and ears everywhere. Security is a start, but you also need 24-hour surveillance and alarm technology.

With surveillance, you’ll have evidence to help you catch the people that stole your trailer. This live camera access can also help your security pros do their jobs better.

An alarm system can get police onsite whenever someone has broken onto your property. A commercial alarm system might cost you between about $1,400 and $11,000 per year.

You’ll need to pay for both the initial installation and any alarm monitoring or subscription fees.

Outfit Each Trailer With GPS Tracking

GPS technology is essential for all forms of auto theft prevention. Include a GPS tracker with your trailers so that you can find its specific location at all times.

This way, even if someone steals the trailer, you can direct the police to the exact location at any time to catch the thieves. Having this GPS system is also excellent for insurance purposes.

Take the time to learn more info about GPS tracking systems and install the best one in each trailer that you own.

Use Hitch and Wheel Locks

Finally, put some physical provisions in place to prevent trailer theft. A hitch lock will prevent someone from hauling the trailer away. Wheel locks will also prevent the trailer from moving.

Use these additions as a solid last line of defense in case people breach your property and get past security.

Invest in Trailer Theft Prevention Measures

These trailer theft prevention tips will help your company more than you know. If you put money and time into the trailers, it’s only right that you protect this investment.

Use the measures above and don’t hesitate to get professional help.

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