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How to clean your artificial Christmas tree and wreath?

Christmas without a tree seems incomplete, doesn’t it? All of us love the look of a well decorated Christmas tree inside the house and a wreath on our entrance door. If you don’t have access to a real tree, there is no harm using an artificial one year after year. But, what about the kind of dust and dirt that it has accumulated staying in storage? If you find your tree and the decorations to be wrapped up in dust and dirt, clean them before you put it on display.

Here is how you should proceed cleaning before and after Christmas.

Cleaning before the arrival of Christmas –

  • Start the process by removing the Christmas tree from its storage box. Take extra care and properly secure its base and then assemble it. Spread the branches of the tree properly as you cleaning it from tip to toe. Don’t forget to place it on a piece of paper or towel before you start. It will catch all the debris from hitting the ground. If you want to get outstanding deals and save a bucket load of money, then check out this incredible website
  • You can use your vacuum cleaner to clean the Christmas tree. But, at first, you must test its power on the extreme base of the tree using an upholstery bristle brush. If it cleans the tree without causing any harm, then you can clean the tree using one. A hand vacuum cleaner has weak suction power. It will be able to clean easily without damaging the beauty of the tree. Once you have conducted a trial, it is time to use the vacuum on the whole tree. Always start from the uppermost trunk and then proceed downwards. Be very careful; otherwise the parts of the tree will get sucked into the vacuum.
  • Once it is done, you need to wipe down the Christmas tree from top to bottom. Use warm water the fill a bucket and pour some dishwashing soap in it. Always choose a mild detergent otherwise the beauty of the tree will be damaged. Keep in mind there shouldn’t be any lights or decorations on the tree while you clean it. Dip a microfiber cloth in the water and squeeze out the excessive water. Now clean very gently. You must start cleaning from top to bottom. The microfiber cloth needs to be rinsed frequently to prevent the dust from spreading. Give your Christmas tree the required time to dry up.
  • Once all of this is done, clean in and around the tree and keep your supplies away.
  • Hang all your decorations after wiping them with the microfiber cloth. Make sure it is clean and in usable condition.

Cleaning your tree after Christmas.

  • You need to clean your Christmas tree after everything is done. Start by taking off the tinsels, ornaments, lights, and other decorations.
  • To place your tree back in storage you must clean it once again. Make sure the Christmas tree has the support it needs while you clean it with the other hand. Clean all the branches and make sure you do it from the top of the tree to the bottom.
  • It is always easier to clean the Christmas tree once Christmas has come to an end. You can either use the vacuum or wipe down the branches with a microfiber cloth.
  • If your tree needs to disassemble then proceed with it very carefully. Line the interiors of the storage box for the tree with newspaper. It will prevent the tree from any damage while in storage. Wrap each part separately with sheets and then place it inside. Seal the box very carefully.
  • You can use the garbage bags to store the different parts of the trees separately. This will prevent dust from affecting the tree. You must never keep the Christmas tree in attics, or unused garages. These are the specific instructions when it comes to cleaning your Christmas tree.

Clean the wreath the same way. First, remove all the decorations then wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. Several people decorate their homes with artificial trees. This keeps away the upkeep, allergens, and hassle of maintaining a real tree. But, artificial trees also accumulate dust when put on display and it is time you learn how to clean them. Follow this article as a Holy Grail and get ready for the cleaning procedure.

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