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How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home?

Home jobs, including cleaning and vacuuming, are not a favorite activity for anyone. However, the fact that they are needed to maintain health and order, places them on the list of priorities. How to clean certain areas, how to refresh the space with the vacuum cleaner, or how to best fit the pet, and as soon as possible, the questions are often asked by many housewives. The office moving in etobicoke has prepared several practical tips for easier maintenance of home cleanliness.

For those who have a pet in the house …

Most owners love their pets as part of their family. They love us unconditionally, they do not answer daring and discreetly remind us when we are late for dinner, but, unfortunately, they do not know how to cleanse themselves. The following few tips will help you keep your home affairs, even those that have to do with your pets, at a minimum.

Dog and cat hair are charged with static electricity, which is why it is adhered to many surfaces. To remove the hair from the wooden furniture, use a soft cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth that you sprayed with a furniture polisher or an antistatic spray. The dispenser will remove the static charge and facilitate cleaning, but it will also reduce the possibility of the hair re-adhering to the surface.

To remove hair from bedding and upholstery, simply pull rubber gloves and moisten them slightly. Then, move your hand over the surface you want to clean, and the hair will stick to the glove.

Cat and dog hair is collected largely on floors and carpets. A large amount of hair can be hidden in corners and embedded in carpets and is not only a ugly scene, but also retains allergens and dust particles. That’s why high suction vacuum cleaners that, with suitable accessories, can remove hair and impurities can be of great help.

Samsung’s generation of vacuum cleaners MotionSync has patented technology of successful cleaning, thanks to rotating brushes. In addition, it is equipped with a HEPA filter that helps capture fine particles and allergens, which is highly desirable if any of your buddies or friends have problems caused by an allergy or asthma. HEPA filters can be washed, which means durability and cleanliness after each use. The new Samsung F500 vacuum cleaners also have a special UV-sterilization brush, which, besides cleaning the surface, sterilized all the impurities with a powerful UV lamp that was certified by the British Allergy Foundation.

Also, the hair of the pet is easily drawn into the fiber of clothing. Sticky rollers are very successful in hair removal. If a lot of hair is accumulated on the clothes, first remove it with a damp rubber glove, and then finish cleaning with a roller. With these practical tips, you can have more time to hang out with family and play with pets, because it will shorten your time to clean the apartment.

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