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Get Discounts On Everything With NYSE: TJX – TJX Companies, Inc.

No one likes paying the full amount printed on the product. After all, it is the Maximum Retail Price and hence, technically, you should get discounts on it. While shopping online or even in retail stores, we look for discounts and offers. But, getting stores that always have offers and discounts can be tough. Well, your search ends at the TJX Companies or known by its trading name, NYSE: TJX at . TJX has a chain or discount department store based in Framingham, Massachusetts. Ever since it’s inception, it has acquired many chains of department stores and created many more.

TJX Companies

Zayre Corp. was founded by Stanley Feldberg in the year 1956. He was at the presidential position of the company until 1978, after which remained a member of the Board Of Directors until his retirement. The company sold off the name “Zayre” and continued with its only core subsidiary “TJX Maxx”. TJX doubled in size after acquiring its fifth brand Marshalls in 1995. Currently, TJX operates the brands TJ Maxx, TK Maxx, Sierra, HomeGoods, Marshalls, and HomeSense, most of which are based in the United States. It entered the Canadian market with a five-store chain and has three main brands working there, viz, HomeSense, Winners, and Marshalls in Canada. With all the acquiring and expanding it has consistently kept its NYSE: TJX values to an ever high. 

Every Brand by TJX

As of this day, TJX owns several brands under the parent company TJX Companies, Inc. These are;

  1. AJWright
  2. BJ’s Wholesale club
  3. Bob’s Stores
  4. Home Club
  5. HomeGoods
  6. HomeSense
  7. Marshalls 
  8. Sierra
  9. StyleSense
  10. The Maxx
  11. TJ Maxx
  12. TK Maxx
  13. Trade Secret
  14. Winners
  15. Zayre

In December 2006, TJX realized its customer data was being stolen and in January 2007, it announced that there was an unauthorized computer system intrusion. After the breach, few people were arrested and convicted. This incident reduced the values of NYSE: TJX, which took quite some time to recover.

Investing in NYSE: TJX

Every investor looks for certain aspects and facts that would make him believe in the growth of the company. This list has to be maintained by every company to allow investing. These facts for TJX are;

  1. Exchange – NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
  2. Sector – Consumer Services
  3. Industry – Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Store
  4. Market Cap – 61,990,139,615
  5. Yearly Target – $62.00
  6. Share Volume – 6,568,765
  7. Average Volume – 11,168,592
  8. Yearly High/Low – $64.95/$32.72
  9. P/E (Price-to-Earnings) Ratio – 37.77
  10. EPS (Earnings Per Share) – $1.37

The NYSE: TJX stocks have been rising because of the discounted stores in more than 6 countries. Investors have been buying from options trading and holding their stocks for the long term. These companies have great growth potential and have been growing and will grow until people are out there looking for discounted products. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.


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