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Millions of Brits are taking to vape products – Few statistics to prove the surge in usage

The easy and effortless access to electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine is most likely to lead to health gains and savings in the health sector, as found out by researchers in New Zealand, UK and Australia. There are several studies which found out that the most probable benefit that electronic cigarettes could cause to your health is add 19 more healthy days to your life due to the fact that you quit smoking and took to vaping.

Vaping is a growing industry, especially in the UK. But do you know how many people vape and how much money is being spent on this burgeoning industry? Apart from ace e-cigarette companies like, which are the other companies which are contributing to its popularity? Let’s check out few statistics.

#1: Vaping has gotten increasingly popular

As per the latest statistics shared by the World Health Organisation, there has been a steady yet small decrease in the total number of estimated smokers all over the world since 2000. But when it comes to vaping, it is just the opposite. The total number of vapers has constantly increased from 7 million in 2012 to 45 million in 2018. In fact, there are predictions which say that the total number of adults who vape will reach 60 million by 2021.

#2: Expenditure on e-cigs are also thriving

There’s no doubt about the fact that the e-cigarette market is thriving with the continuous rise in the number of vapers. The vapour market over the globe is currently worth $22 billion which is up from $5.3 billion 5 years back. Japan, United States and the UK are the 3 biggest markets of electronic cigarettes. In fact, vapers residing in these 3 countries spent $16.5 billion (combined) on vaping products and smokeless tobacco alternatives in 2017.

#3: Open-system e-cigs are also momentum

The two main categories of e-cigarette are open and closed system, which are also called open and closed tank. In the former, the e-liquid can be refilled manually by the user and the latter use ready-made refills which screw directly to the battery of the e-cigarette. Studies reveal that since 2012, the gap in spending between the open and closed system is eventually widening.

#4: Majority of the e-cigs are bought in-store

Surveys also revealed that majority of the e-cigarette users bought their e-cig devices from specialist shops. 35% of the vape product users who were surveyed all over France, UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, South Korea and Russia, got their devices from e-cig shops. This is because consumers buy their first e-cigarette in person so that they can get familiarised with the new product.

The agencies and authorities also believe that e-cigarettes should be recommended on prescriptions by doctors as this could encourage these smoking cessation tools. The FDA is also reconsidering its approach to make e-cigarettes legal as tobacco alternatives.

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