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Few Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Using Your AC

These days almost every home has an air conditioner which is regularly used during the summer season. However, many people are not aware of handling them well and often commit certain mistakes and that can lead to issue in your air conditioner.

In this post, we will discuss a few things that you must avoid while using your air conditioner.

  • Purchasing higher capacity of the air conditioner than needed

Before buying any air conditioner, it is important to take proper measurement of the room where AC will be installed and discuss with professionals to decide the right capacity. Installing higher capacity than required will result in high energy bills unnecessarily.

  • Forgetting to install the outside unit in a shady area

Make sure that the outside unit must always be installed in a shaded area to work efficiently.

  • Hiding the air conditioner

Hiding your air conditioner may clog the coil and blocks ventilation, and your AC becomes inefficient.

  • Ignoring the maintenance process

You must always follow the recommended aircon servicing in Singapore and ignoring that can result in regular problems in your AC unit.

  • Not cleaning the filters

Filters must be regularly cleaned and failing to do that can result in a host of problems in your air conditioner.

  • Closing vents that will not be used

Closing unused vents without thinking reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system. As a result, it is critical to consult with a reputable professional before closing any part of your home during the summer.

  • Turning temperatures down drastically

By doing this, the A/C will only waste an extra amount of energy instead of helping you. It will actually do more harm than any good to you.

  • Heating up the thermostat

Heat-generating devices, such as lamps and stereos, should be kept away from your thermostat. This can help to ensure that the temperature will not rise, causing the air conditioner to spoil and overwork.

  • Using ceiling fans

Use your ceiling fan and AC properly by keeping it in the right air direction. It is critical to ensure that the fun is positioned in a position to drive the air downwards.

  • Using improper fans

Exhausted fans, such as those found in bathrooms and kitchens, are capable of removing fresh air from homes. They should never be used when they are not necessary.

  • Doing repairs improperly

Always use the services of a knowledgeable person while doing the repair and servicing of your air conditioner. Failing that can result in a serious problem at times.

  • Not using blinds and curtains at home

Having blinds and curtains at home is essential not only for privacy but also for keeping your room dark and further away from direct sunlight.

These days, different social media sites like Pinterest are also quite active in discussing various issues people face with their air conditioners and people also share their experiences too. This can also help people to educate about proper use of their AC unit.

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