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Dedicated Servers for Bitcoin

There are some hosting companies that offer bitcoin dedicated servers. This is an option for many website owners who want clients of theirs to be able to buy in bitcoins. It also is simple for those who are concerned about having privacy. If you are one of those searching for options in web hosting for bitcoins, research will show you there is an ever-increasing number of companies that do web hosting that are now not only taking payment using bitcoins but are offering you dedicated servers for bitcoins.

Privacy and Anonymity

Bitcoin dedicated servers not only offer many options such as anonymous hosting among other options for hosting plans. If you have a need for privacy and/or anonymous hosting, a good hosting company usually offers bitcoin dedicated servers with numerous hosting plans most ensuring both privacy as well as anonymity. They control the spread of “blockchain technology” by offering bitcoin as an option for payment but also have additional options that also need anonymity.

Services and Plans

Bitcoin hosting usually offers many plans for those wanting services of basic hosting with no-frills and for those who want dedicated server hosting. In addition, they offer hosting for VPS for those who are looking for benefits that dedicated servers offer without the higher costs. Within plans are options that are configurable that will enable offerings that are customized based on an assortment of needs and budgets as well as levels of technical skills.


A good hosting company will have 4 available options, including:

  • Bitcoin shared hosting;
  • Bitcoin VPS hosting;
  • Bitcoins dedicate hosting;
  • DDoS protection hosting.

Most shared hosting plan includes the lowest cost for bitcoin options. There are:

  • Starter;
  • Standard;
  • Professional;
  • Business plans.

Features can include:

  • 1 to 100 GB storage;
  • cPanel;
  • IP addresses that are dedicated;
  • 20 GB to bandwidth that is unmetered;
  • Standard business plans that offer free domains;
  • All plans include 24/7 support via email.

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