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Alternatives to AirBNB in Charlotte

For those traveling to Charlotte and looking for an alternative to AirBNB, there are many options available. Homestay, VRBO, and Peerspace are some of the many options available. In this article, we’ll examine the pros and cons of each option. If you’re looking for a Charlotte vacation rental, these options may be a great choice. But before you make your decision, you should read about the services and terms of each.


When you are planning a trip to Charlotte, you might be wondering what the best alternatives to AirBNB are and what short term rentals Charlotte. These accommodations provide you with amenities like kitchenettes and living rooms. Many of these homes have free WiFi, laundry facilities, and stocked fridges and freezers.

One such homestay is Kube Charlotte, a recently renovated two-car garage studio space designed by local architect Zack Alsentzer. It’s located in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Charlotte, Plaza Midwood. It also comes with a free parking pass, so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot to park! This property is best suited for couples or small groups. It’s an excellent choice if you’re on a budget and want to stay in a nice home without having to pay a lot of money.


Peerspace is a peer-to-peer marketplace for event venues. It allows hosts to list their real estate for rent by the hour, and customers can browse through an extensive listing of venues. Peerspace manages payments and provides $1 million in liability insurance for its venues. Peerspace has locations throughout the Charlotte area, and it is also expanding to Seattle, Boston, and Washington, DC.

Peerspace lists unique event spaces across North Carolina. Its listings include historic chapels, farmhouses, warehouse lofts, natural-light studios, demonstration kitchens, and high-tech meeting rooms located in downtown skyscrapers. The San Francisco-based startup has offices throughout the U.S. and is currently expanding organically in other cities. It recently raised $11M from a number of investors, including a number of major companies and investors.


If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient vacation rental, AirBNB isn’t the only option. There are plenty of other options for Charlotteans as well. Buzz60’s Maria Mercedes Galuppo explores the best alternatives to Airbnb. Whether you’re looking to rent a house for a night, a weekend getaway, or even a full-time job, there are many options available.

Many locals have reviewed Charlotte hotels, which are often in convenient locations and are affordable. In addition, a hotel in the city offers amenities that other travel sites simply don’t offer. Many of these services charge a small fee to join, so you can be sure to find an affordable accommodation option without compromising on quality.


When considering an alternative to AirBNB in Charlotte, North Carolina, you might want to consider a two-bedroom condominium in the historic district of Elizabeth. This property is furnished like a long-term vacation rental and features a full kitchen and comfortable bedding for two. It’s a great option for families traveling with children because of its close proximity to the Uptown area. You can also expect a discount if you stay for more than a week.

Some homeowners are wary of short-term renters, which eat into the available living space and reduce property values. In Charlotte, short-term renters are an unwelcome nuisance that affects the city’s image. Some local residents are calling for regulation, while others are saying the industry is booming.

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