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Advantages of Palletization in Cargo Shipping

When you ship out or import cargo from one place to the other, either in the same country or another country, you are most likely to have come across a specialized wooden or plastic floor on which the cargo is being placed upon called pallets. With that said, you might have been wondering what it is or its benefits, let us take a brief look at it now.

What is a Palette?

Pallets are a portable but rigid platform which consolidate cargo shipments and also facilitates cargo movement. These platforms are mostly made of plastic or wood which can have a weight of 20 to 70 pounds.

These platforms, when used by shipping company are meant to be large to accommodate both the cargo and shipping without any protruding or bulging. Protruding from any of its edges is destroyed by abrasions, compressions or perforations.

Let’s us take a look at the advantages of pallets and how important they’re in logistics flow.

Why Palletize?

A very important step in your logistics flow, palletizing offers many advantages

The Protection of Your Goods: Palletize, your parcels benefit from better stability and are protected from the external climatic conditions, thanks to the stretch film (whose choice depends on the shape of the pallet).

Optimize the Filling of Trucks/Transport Containers: The less you have a volume of goods, the more your transport costs will decrease. The pallet can safely store loads up to 2500 kg.

Optimize the Storage Space: whether permanent or transient storage, the pallet can occupy a small space in often congested warehouses.

Palletizing, therefore, optimizes your logistics flow!

Maximum product protection, reduced transport costs, and optimal storage offer a much better return than parcels scattered, refused to customs or arriving in bad condition at the destination.

So remember to choose the right pallet for your mode of transport and the nature of your goods to avoid the hassle of shipping or exporting.

The Three Key Points to Remember

To choose the correct pallet, you first have to take into account the nature of your goods and the weight to be transported.

Also, think about the shipping method: should the pallet make one or more trips? Are you looking for a single or multiple use pallets? Are you respectful of the environment and biodegradable?

Palletization allows a better organization of your logistics flow, with the assurance of protection and optimization of the storage and transport volume.

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