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5 Proven Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Most people have stage phobia. We think that we will be great on stage, but land up being horrible at it. Everyone wants to look confident, sounds perfect, to attract the audience, to capture their attention, to question their doubts easily, but nervousness or fear don’t let us do that.

One needs to work on themselves to bring out the best in them. Learning and working on yourself will surely decrease your fear of public speaking. And slowly it won’t be a nightmare for you anymore. You will be readily available to give a phenomenal speech.

Karen Mccleave GTA, an Assistant Crown Attorney who appeared in the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice, has made many public speeches and feels that preparations should be optimum. Karen Mccleave Crown Attorney has over 30 years of experience handling cases of domestic assault, sexual and child abuse, complex frauds, and murder.

There are numerous ways to get over your fear, but some of the proven methods are mentioned below:-


One of the basic and important steps to follow is you need to practice a lot. If it’s your first time, then the load is much higher. Practicing and preparing for your speech is the best way to overcome your fear. You must jot down the key points from your script, but remember, you should not read from your script. Prepare for the speech so well that you could answer any question thrown at you.

Record yourself:

Once you are prepared well for the speech, you must make a voice recording or video recording of your speech. You must go through it to know and rectify your mistakes. It will help you become better. It often happens that some words do not sound clear to the audience, listen to them carefully, and work on it.

Give a speech to another person:

You must choose a person who would honestly give you feedback. Give a speech in front of them to help yourself relaxed. Let them ask questions to make you feel comfortable. You will get an idea of different types of questions that may come up to you.

Take a pause:

Don’t talk too fast during the speech. Make a habit of speaking slowly. Talking fast interferes with your breathing pattern; you tend to lose breath, which will make you panic. Thus, practice to speak slowly and take some small and unnoticeable pause where it is possible to be more relaxed and calm.

Attract audience:

The main thing you need to focus on speech day is to make eye contact with your audience. This not only makes them attentive but also lures them to listen to you. They get a sense of confidence and a positive vibe from you. You must have noticed that many public speakers make eye contact with the audience, which helps them focus boldly on their speech. This also leads the audience to ask more questions, which also gives speakers some secs to relax.

But don’t be much affected by the audience’s reactions. Not all the people will be interested, some will be bored, some will be on call, but none of these audience reactions have anything to do with you.

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